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PantherX Desktop

On PantherX, all your applications and updates come from one of two sources, similar to an App-Store.

Primary Store

Our primary store lists over 10,000 officially approved, rigorously tested applications and plugins and can be accessed trough the Software application. Here you’ll find all your favourite apps, and discover new tools, to make your life easier.

Developers Store

Our secondary store, specifically designed for developers and enterprise, lists all remaining applications, that are either undergoing Beta testing, are awaiting approval, or are not suitable for the primary store. The 3rd party store is only accessible via command line or executed trough developer distributed .

The Tools you Need

With a powerful , professional tools, a sound recording suite and everything to write the next, great app - there’s no limit to what you can do.

No registration, no tracking, no ads

Unlike other stores, registration is optional, advertisements and trackers are prohibited and everything has been tested with PantherX, on .

Always up to date

PantherX OS supports full-system updates, which ensure that your computer is secured against the latest threats, and applications you use on a daily basis, receive critical bug fixes and enhancements more frequently.

Online Accounts

PantherX connects to the most popular services out of the box. It’s easy to set-up your Gmail account, get files synced from Dropbox, start a new conversation on WhatsApp or connect to a fast, privacy-first VPN provider.

Online accounts can be added, edited and monitored from a unified interface. This covers everything from the essentials such as mail, contacts, calendar, file synchronisation and various chat services, to Cryptocurrency wallets and API credentials to access popular exchange services.

Secure Password Storage

All secrets, including passwords, tokens and API keys are encrypted and access to individual records is limited to the application that requires it, and has been authorized, during the account set-up.

Panther Hub

Panther Hub shows all your connected online accounts, their status and related notifications like messages and even account movements, depending on which services you have configured and enabled.

PantherX Hub

Open Source

Open Source Code

PantherX is a upstream distribution of the , which has been in development since early 2013 and already found application in universities and high performance computing environments. PantherX OS, including all Panther applications, are open source, and anybody may review, enhance or re-use Panther software. In fact, we encourage adoption in other projects.

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The Power of PantherX OS