Always Connected

PantherX allows seamless communication with other Panther Alpha users, which enables file synchronisation, video chat and remote login, all without registering any accounts, and both to local, and remote PantherX powered systems. Beyond that, PantherNet enables the hosting and sharing of websites and small communities like Mastodon, between any number of Panther users, even without traditional internet access.


Networking has been designed to be as easy to use, and transparent as possible. A quick overview shows how you’re connected to the internet, and whether additional privacy features, including OpenVPN, , Proxy or Tor, are running.

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Networking Profiles

For additional flexibility, networking profiles allow you to define connection parameters, based on your current location, and the network you’re connected to.

With a few clicks, you can deny internet access to all but essential applications, or design your own profile, to cover more individual needs.

Built-in VPN and Proxy

Furthermore, PantherX provides tools that help you set-up your own VPN or proxy server, on any other Panther Alpha, or almost any Linux powered cloud server, anywhere in the world.

If you prefer to stick with a reputable provider, select one of many, pre-configured VPN providers, supporting a number of protocols, including OpenVPN, WireGuard, IPSec and stunnel tunnels.


PantherNet powers all Panther to Panther connectivity features, including the direct exchange of messages and files, the synchronisation of any number of Panther devices, and , with automatic resource allocation between any number of Panther devices, connected by any number of ways.

Self-Contained Infrastructure

PantherX has been designed to perform great in scenarios where you need to bootstrap a self-contained with any number of Panther Alpha, with or without central management and even without pre-existing networking infrastructure.


To initiate a new, self-contained infrastructure, all you need is a Panther Alpha on which you create the , which defines each, new Panther’s responsibility.

Remote Access

Because all Panther Alpha are identical, and come with the same core software, PantherX offers the most robust, fast, remote-login feature ever made. This allows you to remotely access your Panther Alpha, using any other Panther Alpha, from anywhere in the world, as long as they are connected.

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