A couple of updates and website refresh

24 January 2020

2019 has been a packet, yet very satisfying year for us. As we approach our initial release of PantherX, I’ve put aside some time to add more information to our website.

No news, is good news

08 July 2019

I admit, this statement is very relative, but we’ve been so occupied with PantherX, that little thought goes into outreach to the community and our backers - sorry!

Join us on Mastodon

19 January 2019

As we progress towards an initial Alpha release of PantherX OS, we’re also hard at work, building a community around PantherX and projects we rely on.

PantherX Wiki: Preview goes live

07 January 2019

We’re happy to announce the initial preview of our new PantherX Wiki.

Happy New Year to all Panthers

31 December 2018

As we leave 2018 behind, we reflect on our accomplishments, and what we’d like to achieve this year, not only for ourselves, but the ones we care about.

Introducing the official PantherX Bounty Program

25 December 2018

Today we’re introducing the new, PantherX Open Source Bounty Program, designed to help us resolve issues faster, and with the help of outside contributors.

A big thanks to the GitLab OSS Team!

20 November 2018

Development and maintenance of a new Linux distribution, is no easy task, but when you’re also working to overhaul most of the default desktop applications, it quickly becomes chaotic. From the very start, we’ve chosen GitLab’s open source edition, with tight git integration, issue tracker, and built-in continuous integration.

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