Easy to use, hard to fail

Versioned Snapshots

PantherX enforces your system configuration, and takes snapshots whenever you install and update software, or make system related changes. Should anything ever go wrong, and your system refuses to boot, you can roll-back to any number of previous snapshots, automatically, within seconds and without losing any of your recent work.

Resistant to failure

PantherX never applies an installation or update, till it has completed successfully. If anything goes wrong, du to any number of reasons, including a power outage, your system will not be modified, and you can try again later.


Regret installing something? You can always roll-back any installation, without leaving a trace, right from within Software.


PantherX comes with a strikingly simple backup application, that allows you to backup your entire system, to either an external hard drive, or a number of supported cloud providers.

All backups are encrypted by default, so no matter where you store them, you can rest assured, that they are useless, without your password.

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PantherX OS is a reliable, user-friendly operating system that builds on GNU Guix but incorporates non-free software and drivers including nonguix to make it easy to install and use on a wide range of hardware.

The Power of PantherX OS