The power of Linux

PantherX builds on the Linux Kernel, which already powers various super computer and the majority of our today’s internet. The whole system has been designed to protect your data and itself, even in .

Take advantage of various security tweaks such as restricting internet access, or limiting sensitive communication to specific networks.


PantherX automatically and transparently blocks advertising networks, trackers and malicious sites, system wide. No matter what browser or application you are using, PantherX protects you automatically.

Password Manager

PantherX comes with a tightly integrated, end-to-end encrypted password manager, browser plugins, and the ability to syncs to a number of compatible mobile clients, on both iOS and Android.

Easy Migration

Tools are provided to import your passwords from many popular password managers, including 1Password, Keepass, Lastpass, Roboform and KWallet.


The built-in firewall protects your computer both on the system and application level, in- and out-bound. Unused ports are blocked by default, and applications that shouldn’t connect, don’t.

System firewall

The system firewall is a low-level firewall that reliably closes ports and prevents all communication, both in and out-bound. It’s the first, and most important barrier between your computer, and the outside world.

Application firewall

Unlike the system firewall, the application firewall can block specific applications from accessing the internet, while keeping the port open for other applications to use.

Together with the system firewall, the application firewall builds an effective barrier between the network (and internet) you’re connected to, and your computer. This also reduces unnecessary chatter between individual, 3rd party applications, and developers that want to collect analytics about what you do - not so, on PantherX.


Files you store on your Panther Alpha are optionally, transparently encrypted, using a personalized encryption key that ties to your login password.

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The Power of PantherX OS