The latest in tech

With PantherX, we’ve taken a good look at what’s available on the market, and how we can utilize the latest tech, to make the best Operating System yet. Whereas others have to support 20 year old software, we have the opportunity for a fresh start, and build on new, exciting, yet stable technologies.

(Ready) for Gaming

PantherX doesn’t yet spot the full range of games you’d find on other, more established platforms, however it takes less than 5 minutes to install and start into Android, where you can play away, on the big screen, with 100% RAW performance.

Software made for the hardware it runs

PantherX has been designed to run on Panther Alpha, a powerful mini computer that’s smaller than your wallet and uses less than 4W of power. All you need is some sort of display or TV, a mouse & keyboard and a power source - preferably a wall-plug but power banks work too.

When you power on your Panther Alpha for the first time, you are greeted with a system, that works right-away, and for years to come, without slow-down, or failure.

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Panther Alpha, running PantherX OS, will forever change your perception, of how your computer should work. Fast, dependable, trustworthy and expandable.

The Power of PantherX OS