10 - 100,000 employees

A birds-eye view of your organization

  • Manage all users, devices and applications from one place
  • Backup, change and update hundreds of devices with one click
  • Troubleshoot and roll-back remotely
  • Extremely easy to set-up and use. If you know how-to use Gmail, you know how-to use Central Management

Track and improve staff productivity

Staff are the companies most valuable asset. It is not only important to keep staff happy, but reduce unnecessary load, and accurately track hours for billing.

Online in 2 clicks

It takes around 1 minute, to set-up a new computer, and around 1 second, to add a user, to an existing computer - ready, set, go! No waiting, no lengthy set-up routine or manuals to read.

  • Assign employees to one or multiple devices
  • Remotely manage installed applications, and pre-set user accounts
  • Backup automatically

Time tracking built-in

Optionally, you can enable time tracking for each user, to allow for more accurate billing, and answer many important questions including:

  • How many hours did we work this week?
  • What did we spend most time on? (Application usage reports)
  • Where did we do most of our work from? (Location reports)

Time tracking is completely automatic.

Run your own infrastructure

Would you give a thief your money, and the keys to your house?. When you store data with third party companies, that’s what you’re doing - not only do they have full access, but you’re paying them for the privilege.

Save thousands and stay in control of your data

With PantherX Central Management, it’s a breeze to run your own infrastructure.

  • Run server applications like ERP, CRM or Task management yourself with a few clicks
  • Select between Panther Alpha, or a number of cloud providers (1000+ Users).
  • Enjoy faster access speeds, and continue to work when the internet is down
  • Automatic backup, at cents per GB

What if you don’t know anything about computers?

Have you ever used Gmail before? It’s easier to run your own server with Central Management, than it is to use a Gmail account. Then again, chances are any business with 10+ people has someone who knows how to plugin a power cord.

What if our server goes down, or a Panther Alpha fails?

By default, Central Management keeps backups for everything: User accounts, server applications and itself. Should something go wrong, you can recover from backup in a minute - unless it’s Central Management itself - that’s more like minutes.

Now ask yourself: When was the last time you recovered a critical piece of infrastructure by yourself, and in under 10 minutes?

No licensing worries

In larger cooperations, equipment, licensing, and equipment maintenance can often costs millions per year. Furthermore, when something goes wrong, or a license expires, you’ll find that thousands of users, are unable to work for hours.

All software that ships with PantherX is open source, and does not have any licensing fees. If a particular feature is missing, it’s easy to get this added, either by the original developer, or really any competent third party.

This is also where open source, and closed source software differ: If Microsoft Office is missing a feature, you’re out of luck.

File Synchronization
File Synchronization

No compatibility issues

  • Connect to your existing tools like Exchange, Google Apps, Dropbox, …
  • Work with your Word, Excel and Power Point documents, in a familiar interface
  • Share files with Windows, or Mac users
PDF Editing
PDF Editing

Works with all your documents, and has no learning curve.

24/7 Hands-On Support

When you’re having issues with the system you rely on, to generate your livelihood, it’s important that you have support that you can trust and rely on. The PantherX support subscription, does just that and more, for a small monthly per user fee.

  • Support via email, live chat and phone
  • On-site consultation, set-up and support for 100+ users

PantherX support is set apart by 2 factors:

  1. We can replicate your exact system configuration on our side, to troubleshoot
  2. If you’re running Panther Alpha, we have the exact same system on our end

We have designed and developed PantherX, PantherX Central Management and Panther Alpha - we know this platform better than you know yourself.

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