About Us

Your Freedom

  • It should be easy for everyone to find, install and use quality open source software that rivals paid alternatives.
  • It should be possible to inspect and modify any software that runs on your computer. On PantherX, all software is made available straight from source code, that means that experienced users can inspect how the software works, and what it does, giving everyone additional insurance that the application is safe.

Some software vendors do not publish their application source code. This software will still run on PantherX, but we will ensure that you know, you are running a potentially unsafe application.

Your Privacy

  • We do not track you, or what you do with your computer.
  • PantherX by default, tries to prevent 3rd parties from tracking you.
  • We provide additional, easy to use tools, to further enhance your privacy.

Our Team

Our Team currently consists of 5 permanent developers, and countless of contributors. Subscribe - We talk more about us and our goals, in our newsletter.

It’s our mission to ship the best Desktop experience ever, with full consideration of our users right to privacy and freedom of self-expression.

Franz G. Founder

Ali R. Co-Founder

Chaichan A. Investor

Reza A. PX Accounts

Saeed D. PX Security

Hamzeh N. PX Apps

Fakhri S. PX Apps

Hossein G. PX Plugins

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