How many apps will be available on PantherX OS?

On launch day, we plan to have over 10,000 quality, open source application available for download.

What's the main difference between PantherX, Windows and MacOS?

Windows and MacOS are propriotary operating systems, developed by large cooperations, to satisify their commercial interests and collect data about it’s users.

What's the main difference between PantherX and other Linux distributions?

PantherX has been designed specifically for Panther Alpha, a powerful, yet affordable mini computer, that’s smaller than your wallet, and runs on less than 4W of power.

Does PantherX run Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop?

Not yet. Well, it’s unlikely we’ll ever need any of those because PantherX comes with thousands of great, open source applications, that often rival their proprietary counterparts. Microsoft Office for example, is replaced by LibreOffice - which supports your Word, Excel and Power Point documents out of the box and much, much more.

How is the development of PantherX financed?

Our initial funding has been provided by a close friend and investor, that cares as much about innovation, as we care about freedom and privacy. In the future, we plan to support PantherX development, trough hardware sales, enterprise support subscriptions and crowd funding.

When will PantherX be available?

PantherX is under active development and we expect a final release in late Summer 2019. If you can’t wait that long, subscribe to our infrequent newsletter, to stand a chance to participate in the private beta, long before the official release.

How frequently will PantherX receive updates?

We will release new updates as frequently as they are available. This includes both PantherX core updates as well as other software, you may be using on your Panther Alpha.

How long will you support major PantherX releases, including 1.*?

We plan to support major releases for up to 3 years. That means, support for our first 1.* release will end in 2022.

Will PantherX run on any computer?

PantherX comes in two flavours, a community and supporter edition. The community edition is available for everyone, and runs on x86_64. The subscriber edition is available both to subscribers, and comes pre-installed on Panther Alpha - aside from team support, supporters are also eligible to vote on new features.

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