PantherX Operating System

Configure once, copy wherever, run forever

PantherX Operating System

for Panther Alpha

PantherX Desktop

PantherX OS is a modern that's designed to enable everyone without a PHD in computer science to enjoy a fast, flexible and private work & entertainment platform that runs for years, with little intervention.

With a efficient , a set of highly integrated , and access to thousands more trough Software, PantherX is set to become your next, and last (Desktop) OS.

  • It's yours the minute you install it, and nobody will ever know about it
  • System updates never leave you with a broken system (1)
  • There's nothing to login to, or register for.
  • It's easy to replicate your whole, or parts of your system, to another computer or VM
  • For developers, goodies like virtual environments are built-in
  • You can write and publish your own plugins for Accounts, Hub, Settings, ...
  • We're just getting started ...

(1) If they do (shi.. happens), experience your first, instant roll-back, and continue like nothing happened.

PantherX Editions

crafted to satisfy your individual needs

Home Business Institution
Open source Yes Yes Yes
No Tracking Yes Yes Yes
Always up to date Yes Yes Yes
Release Cycle Rolling Rolling 6/12/18-Months
1-Click Recovery Yes Yes Yes
Remote Administration No Yes Yes
Central Time Tracking No Yes Yes
Team Chat and File sharing No Yes Yes
1-Click Server Apps: CRM, ERP, ... No Yes Yes
Custom Application Development No No Yes
24/7 Support and Configuration Services No Yes Yes
Dedicated Hardware Panther Alpha, Panther Alpha Pro, Panther Alpha
Pricing Free & Open Source
Download the Beta
€ / User / Month Contact Us

The Panther Vision

A brighter future for all.

  • Less waste: Make Desktop and Laptop up-gradable for non-techies.
  • Less drain: A Panther Alpha plus 21inch screen use less than 35W.
  • Less noise: A silent computer, and a desktop environment that stays out of the way.
  • More privacy: A OS that doesn't track you, and apps that don't phone home
  • More performance: Lightweight apps that focus on key features
  • More accessibility: Great software that doesn't cost anything, and that you can improve yourself.
  • More decentralization: Bitcoin was revolutionary, but other tech should follow the foot-steps.

It's our mission to provide you with a operating system and hardware, that satisfy both your today's and tomorrow's computing needs, and provide a steady stream of updates, so you're not only on the safe site, but receive new features regularly.


October 2017

Initial vision and search for team members.


October 2018

First demo to showcase technical direction and key features.


February 2020

Alpha 1 Release
Initial integration of new desktop environment.

March 2020

Alpha 2 Release
First preview of Software to discover and manage applications.

May 2020

Alpha 3 Release
Draft implementation of Online Accounts with 2 plugins.

June 2020

Alpha 4 Release
Early beta release of PIM related features; Email, Contacts, Calendar.

October 2020

Alpha 5 Release
3 new Online Accounts plugins and preview of Hub.

December 2020

Beta 1 Release
Polished desktop environment and support of more 3rd-party provider accounts.


March 2021

Private Beta Central Management
PantherX Central Management goes into private beta with 1,000 users

June 2021

Beta 2 Release
Infrastructure is ready for public beta launch.

August 2021

Public Beta PantherX OS
Initial public beta


February 2022

Beta 5.1
Latest beta release available on our Wiki

May 2022

Beta 6
Minor progress release; Support for disk encryption and hardware templates


TBD 2023

Beta 7
Focus on Matrix integration (Desktop & Mobile) - 90% DONE

TBD 2023

Beta 8
Encrypted Contacts and Calendar

TBD 2023

Beta 9
Time tracking features with Gitlab & GitHub integration

TBD 2023

Beta 10
Testing, testing, testing

TBD 2023

Golden Master
PantherX is ready for prime-time - everyone can join the party!

Official Release

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Panther Alpha, running PantherX OS, will forever change your perception, of how your computer should work. Fast, dependable, trustworthy and expandable.

The Power of PantherX OS