PantherX - Say hello to your new Desktop and goodbye to all the things you should't have to worry about.

PantherX Operating System

for Panther Alpha

PantherX Desktop

PantherX is a modern, computer operating system, designed to enable everyone without a PHD in computer science, to take control of their computer, data and privacy, and exercise their right to freedom of monitoring and tracking.

With it's own, light-weight desktop environment, a set of highly polished, , and access to thousands more trough Software, PantherX is set to become your next, and last (Desktop) OS.



February 2019

Alpha Release
At this point we expect most of core-PantherX features to be completed.

May 2019

Beta 1 Release
With this release, testing will intensify, to ensure everything is 100% in time for release.

June 2019

Pre-Order Opens
The computer designed for PantherX; big on performance, smaller than your wallet.

July 2019

Beta 2 Release
The last release before our public beta should be pretty much done.

August 2019

Public Beta
A selected few will get an early preview of PantherX on Panther Hardware. Subscribe to participate.

Official Release

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Panther Alpha, running PantherX OS, will forever change your perception, of how your computer should work. Fast, dependable, trustworthy and expandable.

The Power of PantherX OS