A big thanks to the GitLab OSS Team!

Franz Geffke

By Franz Geffke
20 November 2018

Development and maintenance of a new Linux distribution, is no easy task, but when you’re also working to overhaul most of the default desktop applications, it quickly becomes chaotic. From the very start, we’ve chosen GitLab’s open source edition, with tight git integration, issue tracker, and built-in continuous integration.

Unfortunately, the free version of GitLab is missing some crucial features such as Milestones and Issue linking, which we desperately needed, to properly layout the coming months, and keep track of our progress, and really all the bits and pieces - everything is on GitLab:

  • all source code
  • package repository
  • planning & issues
  • wiki and internal handbook
  • chat (via integrated Mattermost)

Fortunately, the GitLab OSS team has accepted the PantherX project, for sponsorship of GitLab’s Ultimate license. We’re truly grateful for this, and the thousands saved, will ultimately benefit open source.

A big thanks to GitLab

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