No news, is good news

Franz Geffke

By Franz Geffke
08 July 2019

I admit, this statement is very relative, but we’ve been so occupied with PantherX, that little thought goes into outreach to the community and our backers - sorry!

While we still don’t have a firm release date, there’s no pressure: We want to make sure that PantherX is 100%, before it goes out to individuals, and companies, all around the world. It may not be fully-featured, on initial release, but for sure, it will be god-damn-stable!

Ride with us - we’ll reach soon.

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PantherX OS is a reliable, user-friendly operating system that builds on GNU Guix but incorporates non-free software and drivers including nonguix to make it easy to install and use on a wide range of hardware.

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