PantherX Wiki: Preview goes live

Franz Geffke

By Franz Geffke
07 January 2019

We’re happy to announce the initial preview of our new PantherX Wiki.

We aim to cover virtually anything, including:

  • Set-up, maintenance and tweaks
  • Individual applications and best practice
  • Tutorials to better utilize PantherX specific features such as Environments
  • Topic-specific guides for designers, web developers and others

While the Wiki is still rather incomplete, we hope to publish over 200 new articles, over the next 6 Months & ahead of the initial PantherX release.

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PantherX OS is a reliable, user-friendly operating system that builds on GNU Guix but incorporates non-free software and drivers including nonguix to make it easy to install and use on a wide range of hardware.

The Power of PantherX OS